Our Approach

Mosaic Sensors is commercializing their proprietary point-of-care sensing platform based on the unique optical properties of non-toxic polymeric microgels positioned between two thin metal layers called etalons. Each etalon rapidly, effectively, and reliably detects different analytes: toxins, pathogens, viruses, heavy metals, volatile organic impurities, hormones, and cannabinoids. The results are obtained in real-time using a handheld device.


Mosaic Sensors’ point-of-care platform technology is robust, effective, and instrument-less. Our end-products are simple and inexpensive diagnostic devices that can be used anywhere by anyone.


In partnership with Eli Science, we design and manufacture cartridges that integrate desired sensors and a measurement device. An end-user will only need a smartphone to analyze results. With this system, people will be able to monitor their health and safety at home.


Our sensors effectively and reliably detect different analytes: toxins, pathogens, viruses, biomolecules, heavy metals, volatile organic impurities, hormones, and cannabinoids.


Mosaic Sensors’ technology is affordable and scalable. Our sensors cost less than 10
cents/square inch, and you only need a square millimeter (0.002 of a square inch) to run tests. In partnership with Eli Science, we are working to bring our technological solutions to the
population as fast as possible and on a massive scale.