About Us

Mosaic Sensors Corporation is focused on commercializing our patented optical sensor technology for disease diagnosis, health monitoring, and the cannabis industry.

Mosaic Sensors’ technology provides an exquisitely sensitive platform to detect low levels of molecular analytes across a wide range of sample solutions.

Mosaic’s platform can provide solutions in a value chain that requires sampling, data generation and acquisition, management and data analysis, and delivery of refined data for decision making.  

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Why choose us

Competitive Platform Technology

Mosaic Sensors develops simple, inexpensive, and practical handheld devices that detect and monitor different analytes in real-time without supporting equipment or highly-trained specialists.

Contract and Joint Research Projects

Mosaic Sensors welcomes contract and joint research projects in point-of-care health and safety diagnostics.


Formal Intellectual Property Strategy

Mosaic Sensors has a formal IP strategy as a part of our business plan. We have exclusive patent rights to the polymer sensor technology developed in the Serpe group at the University of Alberta. We also work tirelessly to generate new IP that benefits the health and safety of society.


Research Consulting

Mosaic Sensors brings 20+ years of research expertise in the development of health and safety sensors. We help companies create and implement point-of-care diagnostic tools for health and safety monitoring.

Our Mission

Mosaic Sensors’ mission is to democratize data access to empower people to test what matters to them. Our values are accurate health and safety testing in real-time.

  • Simple and practical testing tools
  • Point-of-care testing and disease diagnostics
  • Residential and commercial water quality testing
  • Cannabis quality testing for growers and recreational users
  • Real-time quality monitoring solutions

Domain Expertise

Point-of-care testing 100%
Precision Medicine 100%
Real-time water quality monitoring 100%
Real-time cannabis quality testing 85%

Our team